What I’m doing here

I’m wearing many hats in Haiti;

Tourist hat – Everything is new and exciting and I’m trying to squeeze in as many experiences as I can into the five weeks I’m here. I think ‘wonderful’ is my favourite English word, and it’s quite fitting to describe my first six days in Haiti. As I write this I’m slightly distracted by six turkey chicks that pluck at mango pieces next to me. Wonderful.

Love Haiti Graffiti
Love Haiti

Volunteer hat – I’m writing the annual report for LWF, an organization that has been building schools, houses and roads in Haiti for years.

The LWF Office
LWF office in Petion-Ville

Journalist hat – Apart from the work I’ll do for LWF in Haiti; I will write a reportage for my final exam here. This makes me slightly stressed, as I haven’t found sources for this task yet, nor ‘the Norwegian link’, which should be present in my reportage if I wish to sell it to a newspaper in Norway.

People in Haiti
May I interview you?

I should also acquire a real hat soon. My head is not used to all the sun it’s getting 😛

29 thoughts on “What I’m doing here”

  1. I like the effect of your lens in the second shot. Good luck with your project. You say you are working with the LWF? Is this a mission trip?

      1. Lol. The reason why I asked is because the only LWF that I know is the Lutheran World Federation. And they do missions work in Haiti.
        But it is not entirely unlike me to be a little confused. 😉
        Well… good luck, then, with your many missions. 🙂

      2. It is the same LWF! 😀 but they don’t really work like missionaries here :-p Haiti is more than religious enough (maybe I’m the one that misunderstands the meaning of missions…) But thanks a lot!

  2. wonderful 🙂 both the pictures (especially the third one) and what you’re doing there!! i wish you a great time!!

  3. Good to see that your doing well and yes you need to get a hat you’ll cook yourself. 😀 I’ll admitt this right up front that I no very little about the Norway-Haiti connection but from 2010 until late 2012 the Norwegians had donated over 205 million usd tin humanitarian aid, to help recover the goverment and basic resources. See i know very little.
    have a lovely day and
    Dwe san danje


  4. Loved the writing! 🙂 I hope u find a lot of material for LWF and your final exam. Glad to see someone involved with Hiati. Thanks! Hope ur enjoying the sights 🙂

    1. I am! There is really SO much to see! And I want to snap a photo of everything, but then I’m afraid I’ll miss a sight.. Ah, my dilemmas 🙂

  5. Wow, I hope you really get to see Haiti’s beauty which rarely shown in the media here in the U.S. I hope you get to go to Jacmel and Cap-Haitien, Ile- a- Vache. The ocean is gorgeous there!

  6. Really great photos – I think it can be hard to take good pictures in a really new environment, but I guess not for you. Enjoy it – what a rich opportunity.

  7. I hope you find a good angle for your reportage! I wish I could read Norwegian so I could read it when you’re finished with it.

  8. Is the beautifully illustrated church still there in Port Au Prince? I think it was Episcopalian. Wonderful murals decorated the sanctuary when I was there many years ago as a teenager on a day trip from the Dominican Republic.

    1. Hmm, if it is I haven’t seen it! But I might know which one it is because C and I were reading something about redecorations (after the earthquake) in a church and we hope we’ll find time to visit it!

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