Creole 101


Mwen rele Ksenia.

Mwen pa pale kreyòl. (I don’t speak Creole)

E ou menm?  (What about you?)

A couple in school uniforms sitting on a bench in Haiti - Petion-Ville
Communication is the key!


Èske ou pale anglè? (Do you speak English?)

Eske ou se moun Ayiti? (Are you from Haiti?)

N a wè ankò! (See you again!)

To be continued…

18 thoughts on “Creole 101”

  1. what a lovely photo, i really like the warm sunlight!
    it’s great that you’re trying to learn the language, i’m looking forward to the continuation 🙂

  2. excellent capture!! But, i cant help asking this…how does it feel to be finally on the “other side”?? Does the grass feel greener there? 😀 after all, you wanted away from the snow and ice! 🙂 keep posting…

      1. that’s a very good observation…welcome to the third world 🙂 looking forward to many more posts from and about Haiti..

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