Baby Fisheye in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Central Station - Double Exposure

Grainy or not – I love each and every one.

But maybe I should save the Baby for things close enough to touch. I’ll find out next time I develop films, which unfortunately will be a while…

Baby Fisheye 110

More lomography >>

13 thoughts on “Baby Fisheye in Amsterdam”

  1. I love these. Amsterdam is such a stunning city, I think it can be a bit under rated – all anyone hears about is the sex and drugs; the architecture, canals and beauty of it are often overlooked!

  2. Yes, I love each and everyone too… I am now considering of getting a fisheye for my dslr. It will be a great addition and how I’d love to take creative shots once in a while. 🙂

    1. In Amsterdam it was no problem at all, while in Oslo it’s harder to find places that sell this film, while developing it is also very expensive… I’ve decided to wait with buying and developing anything more until I’m abroad 🙂

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