5th avenue: amazing shopping window

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

5th avenue: amazing shopping window

I immediately remembered these pictures, when I saw this week’s photo challenge. Getting lost in the details is too easy on 5th Avenue. I was in a haze the whole time. It was kind of unreal with the crowds, cars, shops, lights, sounds, reflections, freezing wind… Good thing I took photos!

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25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details”

  1. I love this serious, the the reflections in the windows are just amazing. Some people might say they are distracting but personally they give the impression of a double exposed image. It give the sens of were you were, the city with all the bust streets. I love the colours in the image but I cant stop thinking of how it would look in black and white. I have some thing similar from gallery lafayet were the little one is looking into the window http://bandwparis.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/gallery-lafayet/

  2. I too like how you didn’t control, or remove the reflection in these. It does give the impression of a photo within a photo. So much detail a person could get lost in each photo trying to see it all.

  3. awesome pictures!! the reflections make them really special 🙂
    my favourite is the last one, love the siver tones!

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