I love winter

Sunlight seeping through elk trees

I’ve had the best weekend, out with the nature, playing in the snow… learning carving and cross-country skiing 😮 (I’m so proud of myself!) The sun was shining brightly. So much fun! It was great and added a whole new dimension, or perspective, to winter.

kids waiting for ski elevator
winter carousel
ski area - snowy hill
almost can’t believe I dared

And I’m drowning in studies. But how’s your life? Feel free to share anything 😉

22 thoughts on “I love winter”

  1. It looks like you had a great time, I love to ski and snow board myself , certainly don’t get to anymore buy yay for you. Buried in studies, we good luck with them.

  2. That looks like a fantastic weekend and a great way to unwind from all your hard work! Mine was filled with hiking and gardening, ending with the first sunburn of the season. Loving your pics! 😀

  3. wow! the first one is amazing 🙂
    miss winter sports though, austrian people are very keen on skiing and snowboarding, unfortunately i couldn’t find the time this winter for some snowboarding…

    1. Awww! But is it already too late? Snow activities are just great 😀 I didn’t try snowboard this weekend, I imagine it’s even more difficult 😮

      1. no fortunately it isn’t 🙂 and with that much snow we have right now i will be able to go snowboarding even in april i guess 🙂
        it’s hard to say if it is more difficult… but it’s very different from skiing and so much fun!

      2. I tried carving skiing (or slalom) too, which is more similar to snowboard, I guess, but your feet aren’t glued together :-p Hope you’ll find the time, looking forward to the snowboard post 😉

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