Winter perspective

children sliding down a hill in the winter
the little girl – it was hard to tell if she was laughing or crying when on her way up again… then she did it again!

I have to constantly remind myself that winter is ‘not that bad’. Never mind that I haven’t seen the sun for at least a week – lots of white looks cool on pictures. It doesn’t matter that my feet are constantly wet and cold, because I get to switch shoes often. Waiting for the bus, that’s always delayed because of the weather, gives me time to think. And all that.

But it’s when I see children sliding down snowy hills I really start appreciating this season 🙂

children winter sliding a st hanshaugen park in oslo

11 thoughts on “Winter perspective”

  1. Haha, children are the best! But you know what’s even better? Doing the same they are. I sleighed this winter and I really felt like a kid again!:)

    Are you as lucky as me to sometimes get even an hour of thinking…? “Loved” those times ;).

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