Three crazy school friends

Wishing High School back

To understand the meaning of selective memory – read the title.

Today has been a nostalgic day since I’ve dedicated it to organize and look and old pictures and files. I found got many awesome surprises! Imagine I had forgotten this stuff:

Three crazy school friends
the poses
Young photographers on picnic
the picnics
Titanic photo ruined by bunny ears - three students on a boat
the moments

(What have I done to protect myself from loosing all my files, should my Mac’s hard drive crash again? I’ve bought a 1TB big external hard drive and transferred all files from my old external hard drive to it. The old one is now only used by Time Machine, and I swear to plug it into my Mac every evening. Amen.)

11 thoughts on “Wishing High School back”

      1. Oh yes, I trust in that! Unfortunately…

        By the way, I suggest Drop Box. It’s much faster and more comfortable. Although I admit my Drop Box is empty… I really ought to move my stuff there…!

  1. There is nothing like looking at old pics to take you back!!
    The site MEGA gives you a free account with 50gb of space in the cloud. Just another storage option…

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