When nothing works

I bake.

Baking Cupcakes in oven

My hard drive crashed last Thursday – on the day of an exam and my birthday. A new hard drive is installed already,  but I’m very upset with myself now for being a lazy backuper. I have so much work to catch up now! And I need to buy lots of programs all over again. So I’ve made myself a treat:

Has all types of chocolate
Has all types of chocolate!


I always try to be nice to myself 🙂

And sometime in the future I might just open a cupcake bakery, like the one “2 broke girls” dream about. That sitcom seems a lot less silly now with the sudden computer expenses that dropped into my lap. Cupcake-making is such a therapeutic activity, by the way, especially if you listen to Queen – the only music I have in my iTunes at the moment.

7 thoughts on “When nothing works”

  1. Hi Ksenia, belated congratulations to your birthday. I wish you all the best for your life. I had a hard drive crash last year and was in the same situation of incomplete backups. Fortunately, I found an expert who could recover all my files. It was not cheap, but it was worth it. Best whishes Thomas

  2. Happy birthday bestie! I’ve missed seeing your point of view! Sorry to hear about your hard drive crashing and not much backed up, I have first hand experience with that so I can sympathize.

    P.S. I’ll put a few albums in dropbox for you 😉

    1. Jaaaaa 😀 ❤ (Not everything is deleted actually – just the new stuff and my very best works from places I'll never go again – I HATE my organizing skills)

      1. I still hope… I have the broken hard drive, so when I’m feeling rich I’ll bring it to the apple house and beg them to do whatever they can 🙂

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