“Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

Flower bouquet

Nominated! How fun!

This is my very first nomination, and I’m just going to follow the guidelines, although I’m not sure that I understand everything. Is there actually a winner to these things, or is this just my chance to share random facts with you? Either way:

I was nominated to the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by J.E.Lattimer, who’s making the coolest picture stories, when not busy being nominated for beauty, inspiration and loveliness awards 😛

The Rules:

Link back to the person who nominated you – Post the award image on your page – Tell seven random fact about yourself – Nominate fifteen other blogs

The Facts:

  1. There is never too much chocolate.
  2. Double rainbows, butterflies and unicorns spread happy vibes to the world.
  3. So do all beautiful things and beings.
  4. Everything has beauty.
  5. Spiders on caffeine make more fucked up webs than those on cocaine, cannabis and LCD. A shocking revelation.
  6. I drink too much coffee.
  7. All aquariouses are awesome

I also wish to nominate these fifteen blogs:

http://joetowey.wordpress.com/ – original in everything

http://leannecolephotography.com/ – inspiring quality photos and tutorials (awarded before, I see)

http://piratehorizon.wordpress.com/ – you don’t even have to understand it!

http://toemail.wordpress.com/ – they have found the key to instant happiness – toes!

http://s3city.com/ – from Moscow with love

http://soundspictureswords.com/ – a daily provider of sounds, pictures and words

http://hiddensymmetries.wordpress.com/ – find the symmetries 😉

http://vincentmars.com/ – his 50-word stories are highly recommended

http://picturebandit.wordpress.com/ – inspirational photography

http://yiweipeng.wordpress.com/ – addictive perspective blog

http://evislens.wordpress.com/ –  inspiring photography addict

http://taylorjorjorian.wordpress.com/ – photographic surreal impressionism is inspiring stuff

http://bloggingberlinka.wordpress.com/ – inspiring declarations and deliberations

http://themofman.wordpress.com/ –  visual artist for life

http://andreashesse.wordpress.com/ – last, but as great as the rest!

And thanks to J.E.Lattimer for nominating me 😀

11 thoughts on ““Very Inspiring Blogger Award””

  1. Your photo is my favorite part of this 🙂
    Cold light, bright colors, and a shallow depth of field 🙂 🙂 Mmmmm, favorites…

    And congrats on your om-nom-ination!

  2. Congratulations! You really deserve it. But I have to admit that I do not understand the sense and the rules of such an award. I guess it works like a chain letter. When you get nominated you have to nominate 15 others. This way you can get at the end thousands of visitors? Is this the purpose? Anyway, enjoy the honor! Best wishes Thomas

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