Not well

Ganesha :-D

Mom and stepfather left yesterday and I started missing them instantly. It’s been such a nice weekend! I have many photos to go through now, since I felt a little ill when I got home in the evening – I just dived into bed.

…Only to wake up with a flu. Only five days before Christmas break. With so much to do! I’d hyperventilate if my throat weren’t that sore 😦

Instead, I’ve search the Internet for advices on how to get well fast! So far I’ve learned nothing new. My favourite method is still lots of water and positive thoughts.

(Photo: Also from Blijburg beach in Amsterdam – Ganesha, hindu god. “Today in Buddhist Thailand, Ganesha is regarded as a remover of obstacles, the god of success” – Wikipedia)

15 thoughts on “Not well”

  1. Oh, poor! Hope you get well soon! Sooner than Christmas!

    A great method for a sore throat is to gargle with 1 full tablespoon of distilled water in warm boiled water 3 times per day. It REALLY works!

  2. You did stump me ! Thought why is Ganesh ji is around christmas time 🙂
    We guys here try turmeric powder in milk to beat flu. You might give that a try.
    Have heart, I am sure you will be fine by christmas 🙂 Positive thoughts- wow !

  3. Hey K – minimum 2L of water a day (not just when you’re ill – every day!) – at or close to body temperature (two thirds cold from the tap, a third hot from the kettle gets it more or less right). Oh and like me, if you can cycle a minimum of 25 miles most days that also helps!) G

  4. Hey best friend! Hope you’re feeling a little better by the time you read this, looks like you’re getting plenty of sound advice 🙂
    I could bring you some tea and soup if you’d like. I zoomed out on google maps far enough to see Amsterdam and Seattle and realized we only live a few inches apart 😉

  5. Oh dear… Sending you lots of sympathy, that always makes me feel better 🙂 Have some ginger, lemon and honey tea and get lots of rest. Get well soon and happy holidays!!!

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