Flying from Amsterdam - my vew, by ks3nia

Traveling used to be cool

Flying from Amsterdam - my vew, by ks3nia
Bye bye Holland
Flying from Amsterdam - my vew as we arrive Norway, photo by ksenia n.
Norway Hello

I don’t like flying all that much anymore. To fly was a small adventure when I was little, while now it’s just a lot of stress. Getting there is the best part about flight journeys; especially because I’m always slightly worried something will go wrong on the way. Luckily, I always manage to sleep on the plane, and this time was no exception – except that I kept waking up with spasms, wildly confused, sure that I was still on the train to the airport and had forgotten to go off. That was kind of horrible. People started sending me weird looks, but what can you expect on a plane from Amsterdam?

9 thoughts on “Traveling used to be cool”

  1. Lovely view from up there. Franskly speaking 😀 I’ve never been on a plane lol 😀 but it’s coming on the way 😀 and Hope the thoughts that comes to your mind wont ever show up for me looool 😀

  2. interesting clouds in #1.

    Re: flying..ever since I watched the entire series (50+ episodes) of Crash Investigations, flying has never been the same anymore 🙂

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