Not online

Not online

Well, this was a weird weekend. People were drunk and went missing and got arrested, and through it all – nobody had Internet. When I was little and read science fiction books, robots and aliens seemed to be the thing to fear, but sudden loss Internet might actually be worse.
Especially if you suddenly find out you don’t even know how to call the police. You live and learn, and I’ll learn a lot this week, according to the posters by the front door and in the elevator…

7 thoughts on “Not online”

    1. Thanks. I couldn’t really pick one photo after such a messy weekend, but I’m happy you took the time to look around the whole thing 🙂

  1. It seems to me that computers and the internet are filling a function very much like robots in the science fiction of half a century ago. Moreover, they are changing our world and the way we live our lives. I have a cellular modem that I keep for just those instances when my regular connection to the internet doesn’t work. It’s a pleasure to get to know you.

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